Camper Transportation: Families are expected to drop their children off at the camp and pick them up and the end of their session(s). Campers will only be released to family members or individuals indicated in the Enrollment information.

Camper Health Information: The Camp Health Director and other medical staff will care for all minor injuries and illnesses. Should an emergency medical situation occur, parents will be notified immediately and the camper will be taken to West Branch Regional Medical Center (formerly Tolfree Memorial Hospital) in West Branch, MI.

Prescriptions/Medications: Campers/parents must submit all of the child’s medication (prescriptions, over-the-counter medication, aspirin, etc) to the Camp Health Director at registration. No medication is allowed in the cabins.

Water Safety: All campers will be tested by the Waterfront staff and assigned to specific areas according to their abilities. All campers are required to wear life-jackets when boating.

Off-Camp Trips: The authorization for off-camp trips found in the Camper Application must be signed by parents in order for a camper to be taken on one of these activities. All trips are planned and supervised by appropriate adult staff.

Camper Mail: Postcards and postage will be furnished by the camp for one mailing home per week. Campers are encouraged to bring stationary and postage for other mailings. Please write your campers as they look forward to the daily mail distribution.  We ask that you do not send packages to your camper containing food or candy. The camp address is listed on the Contacts page. You may also use the BunkNotes function to e-mail your camper at camp – please see the Contacts section for more information.

Phone Calls: Campers will NOT have access to the camp phone to make outgoing calls or receive incoming calls. The Camp Director will communicate with parents as needed. Parents should refrain from calling except for emergencies.

Visits: To camp by camper’s family and/or friends are discouraged. The Camp Director must be contacted for permission prior to anyone coming to the camp during a camp week. Approval is at the sole discretion of the Camp Director.