If you have been accepted on the MDSC staff, please click on the  links below to find important information about being staff member (arrival/departure times, what to pack, etc)

Staff Information Sheet

As a staff member who will be working at MDSC, prior to your first week you are required to complete Orientation/Training which includes the following material (please click on each item)

Staff Handbook
before arriving at camp, you are required to fully read and understand all the rules and expectations found in this MDSC Staff Handbook

Youth Protection Program Policies & Procedures for Camp Staff
in addition to the handbook, you must also read and understand the expectations of camp staff under the Archdiocese of America’s Youth Protection Program.

Social Networking & Digital Communication Policy
also included with the Youth Protection Program is this policy on the expectations for camp staff in regards to social networking and digital communication.

This link will take you the Praesidium / Armatus Training website. Praesidium is the e-training partner of the Archdiocese of America for the Youth Protection Program. You will be provided with a unique sign-on and password in order to sign onto the Praesidium site and complete the online training modules. If you do not complete all modules prior to the week(s) you will be working at camp, your staff acceptance will be withdrawn and you will be unable to come to MDSC.

You are expected to arrive at camp by 3:00 pm on the day before (Saturday) of your first week on staff. You will be attending a full staff orientation on that Saturday evening to go over staff expectations and much of the material/topics found above.

For more information, or if you have any questions about Staff Orientation and Training, please contact Dean Niforos, MDSC Staffing Coordinator, at gomdsc@gmail.com.