The Week Zero program was started in 2004, in order to address the interest and needs of our older “young adults”, who still wished to have a “camper” experience after they’ve finished their last year in the Senior cabin.  A young adult is eligible to be a Week Zero camper if they’re heading into their senior year or are a new high school graduate.  The focus is on our faith, the fellowship between the campers, gaining leadership skills to use as future staff members and (of course) having fun!

The camp week begins on Sunday, with the arrival of the Week Zero campers, and ends the following Saturday. Camper groups are separated into boys and girls groups for bunking, but participate in all activities together throughout the week. Week Zero campers are supervised by older staff who have been selected by our Directors.

The camp program follows a similar format as Weeks 1-5, but the day is broken down into four activities – two in the morning and two in the afternoon. In the morning, the young adult campers have an Orthodox Life session, and then a Project Activity. The project is identified by the Camp Board and Camp Directors, and is generally a larger improvement project that benefits the overall camp. In the afternoon, the campers have Field Activity and Open Swim. After dinner and an evening activity, the campers finish the night with a “wrap up” or bonding activity.

Camp Tuition

2017 camper tuition is $400/week.


Parents of Week Zero campers will need to complete the Camper Enrollment for Week Zero. Those Week Zero “campers” who plan on being staff during Weeks 1-5 will need to complete the online Staff Application. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE.

Week Zero Schedule

8:30am: Wake Up
8:40am: Hopper
9:10am: Flag and Morning Prayers
9:25am: Breakfast and Radio Show
10:00am: Cabin Clean-up and Staff Meeting
10:20am: Kapers
10:35am: 1st Activity: Orthodox Life
11:20am: Transition
11:30am: 2nd Activity: Project
12:30pm: Transition
12:45pm: Hopper Bell
1:00pm: Lunch
1:45pm: Siesta
2:45pm: Snacks and Transition
3:00pm: 3rd Activity: Field
4:00pm: Transition
4:15pm: 4th Activity: Free Swim
5:30pm: Transition and Free Time
6:00pm: Hopper Bell
6:15pm: Flag Lowering and Evening Prayers
6:30pm: Dinner
7:15pm: Free Time
8:00pm: Evening Activity
9:20pm: Free Time
9:30pm: OL Wrap-Up Activity
10:00pm: Snack and Night Prayers
10:30pm: Late Night Activity
11:30pm: Bedtime

The Week Zero campers still participate in many of the same activities that occur in Weeks 1-5 (skits, all camp sports, etc). The program also includes occasional off-camp activities and a focus on the completion of the project by the campers to “give back” to the camp. In addition, campers participate in Orthodox Life sessions that are geared more to the young adult age, and prepare for the weekly Divine Liturgy held during the end of the session.

The unique part about Week Zero is that many of these “campers” return later in the camp season to serve as Counselors-in-Training, Lifeguards or Counselors during Weeks 1-5.